You Eat What You Kill

By December 4, 2016Fitness

Do You Crave Success?

Most people hit the snooze button, not just in the morning, but in their life…

Do you?

I am a fan of creating my own success and breaking down the norms, and to do that you have to take responsibility for your intentions, actions and ultimately your execution.

I think of building success as a being hunter, 60,000 years ago, in a raw and rugged landscape.

That might sound a little off, but just give me a minute to explain.

Back in the Paleolithic period, hunter-gathers solely relied on themselves to survive. They could not just hop over to the jiffy and pickup a bag of trail mix. Instead they had to hunt and pursue their food, because if they didn’t they would starve and die.

They ate what they killed and that really is the ultimate form of taking responsibility for their success…

Now it might seem a little dramatic to link that situation with modern day success building, but to me, it makes perfect sense. If I am not hunting and pursing my goals then there is never going to be anything for me to accomplish.

Now this might be hard for you to think about if you work for someone else, in a cushy 9-5 that pays based on just showing up. However I have to believe that you have goals outside of your job, right?

So how are you going to achieve those goals? Are you hunting on a daily basis? Are you taking steps to better increase the likelihood of your success?

Look, if you want to be the person that just hops over to the jiffy and grabs a bag of trail mix, then you are never going to be obtain anything outside of your sphere of comfort.

I have busted down that door in my own life by taking responsibility for my own development. Without knowing it, I created builtin obligation for myself.

It’s like I am driven by the guilt of not completing something. I don’t feel guilty for letting anyone else down, only myself.

It’s time to start hunting, because you, and only you, have the choice to be triumphant over your kill or be that person that goes to the jiffy.

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