Have you ever tried something new… had AMAZING results in the beginning and then all the sudden… NOTHING???

Have you even turned up the heat on that exact strategy and seen your weight INCREASE?

If you have ever experienced this, like I have, then you are definietly going to want to checkout this recording I made…

I just finished reading your article/message for today. Interestingly, I have been thinking the same exact things for quite sometime... I already got disturbed with myself because you are ABSOLUTELY correct when you say that we have no one to blame but ourselves for our current bodies, etc. It is very freeing taking responsiblity for myself and my weight. I am still very excited about this program. Today is day four and the changes have been wonderful. I awake rested. My stomach doesn't hurt and isn't "inflamed" from eating all the crap. I have more energy. I think about everything I am eating and while I eat I listen to my body telling me if I am still hungry or not. I have lost 4.2 pounds in only three days. I am enjoying that "sore" feeling after doing push ups and doing the work outs. I am thinking about my life and days differently.... when can I fit my work out in?, etc.

This is a minute by minute journey. I am taking time to enjoy the moments and work through the difficulties of choosing to live differently. I am embracing the fact that I am hungry when I eat and not overeating.

This is a most exciting time for me. Once again, thank you for taking me on and helping me to focus on what I know is the right way to help myself and others by letting the "me" that is inside my current body, be released from the bondage of the extra pounds I have acquired. Looking forward....


This is a transformation lifestyle program for sure..I am so happy my SAGE will be here soon!!! See my transformation is finally occurring after ten hard years of pain, suffering and tears. Thank you Mere for helping me getting my confidence and life back on track again . I waited long enough!


I have lost another 8 pounds, so I have lost 18 pounds so far...!

I still have to loose another 50-55 pounds. I hope I can catch up with the exercise program on weekends to speed things up.

I'm still determined to stay on the program until I reach my goal.

I guess I really needed to write (or say) that out loud. And I wouldn't have the chance to if you didn't ask.

Thanks for being there Mere!