Meet The Creator Of Svelte Training

Meredith Shirk

CEO & Founder

For the past decade, Meredith has been passionate about achieving peak performance. Her keen self-awareness and innate understanding of human interactions has helped her clients gain confidence in their professional, personal and athletic careers.

On the business front, Meredith has consulted for major fitness brands and is currently developing a line of health food products.

Over the years, Meredith has developed Svelte to be a multifaceted approach to attaining one’s optimal lifestyle. She has found that mental and physical well-being are both key pieces in the puzzle that can create the best, most happy version of you. Accessing those keys takes dedication and a commitment to face your fears, conquer hardships and learn from failures. Meredith prides herself in being completely honest, upfront and truthful. This unique set of qualities has proved to be an unmatched source of connection with her clientele.


Svelte Training has evolved over the years from a simple private fitness service into several different health and fitness businesses. Meredith and her team have developed a variety of health oriented products ranging from foods to books to even online coaching, all of which have created a reputation of authority in her field.


At Svelte Training we truly believe that less is more.

Our lives are overcomplicated, over scheduled  and most often than not our health is left to the wayside.  This creates a particular problem, as our health and well being is the foundation for which everything is built.  From your business, to your relationships, even your mental clarity is effected by the way your body functions on a cellular level.

That is why at Svelte Training we focus on getting your body fit for success in all areas of your life.  When we talk about sleep, nutrition and working out, we are not just talking about the basics… We are taking about the pillars of your life and the 3 most import pieces to your life’s puzzle.

Meredith prides herself in taking the toughest client’s and showing them how to regain control of their health, and giving them the keys to long term success.  We all know that “diets” don’t work.  They might work for a week or two, but true progress is measured as a marathon not a sprint.  So instead of placing you on a ” long-term diet,” Meredith believes in teaching you how to make the right decisions on your own.

For Meredith, a truly successful client is a client that no longer needs her… A client that finds the control and power within themselves to grow and succeed independently of her guidance.


"I'd been stuck in a fitness rut. I wasn't feeling motivated, wasn't getting stronger, and the pounds were creeping on. Svelte Training was a perfect solution for me. Meredith's workouts are specifically engineered to meet me where I am-in terms of fitness, schedule, and flexible location. What's more, she has a keen eye for my perceived limitations, and with her infectious enthusiasm she motivates me to push JUST past them week after week. Since I began seeing her I am stronger, I have more endurance and I have fun! I love working out with Meredith at Svelte."

-Desi Malibu, CA

"Meredith is truly a magician. An extraordinary athlete in her own right, she understands the body-mind connection and integrates it with her extensive knowledge of fitness to create a supportive personalized experience for each of her clients. Meeting each client where they are, she carefully plans and orchestrates each workout with humor, generosity, kindness and integrity to encourage their highest growth."

-LindaMalibu, CA

"Working out with Meredith Shirk at SVELTE is perfect for me! I had several limitations due to previous injuries. She takes it all into consideration and creates a "Whole Body" workout for me that strengthens me, extends my range of motion and relieves my pain all at the same time. I highly recommend putting your faith, body and trust in Meredith. To top it off, she has a great positive attitude!"

-VictoriaMalibu, CA

"I started training with Meredith three years ago. Weak from brain surgery and chemo, I was looking to regain the strength I had in my “previous life.” We started walking Zuma beach because, as Mere explained, sand was nature’s resistance. Within six months, against-the-wall push-ups became incline push-ups became straight-up regular push-ups. All the exercises I didn’t think I would ever do again I was doing as part of my workout routine. There were new ones, too! Jump squats, TRX roll-outs, kettle bell swings, running sand hills. And we are working on a lifeguard station pull-up. I’ve made a commitment to do one by the end of December.

I can honestly say, I’ve never felt healthier. Mere didn’t just teach me to strengthen my body, she taught me how to strengthen my mind and soul, and she taught me to tell myself “just one more… because I can.”-

-SkyMalibu, CA

Commitment was easy to make with the support that you provided Mere.
After the first part of the program my energy increased and I felt more rested
and very satisfied. I was not deprived or feeling moody. Actually it was such
an easy fit into my lifestyle and I starting to enjoy my life more and got more
My starting weight was 227 pounds.

After my first 10 day cycle I weighed 213 pounds...!!!

YES 14 lbs. in 10 days!!!

Talk about incredible!!! My favorite pants have started to circle at my hips so
the inches are coming off. I have never felt better!!!

I could do this all over again and having Meredith as my support and advisor
in this process makes me feel even more in control of my plan.

- Sasha